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25379 “Rok is a magician. I’ve been working out for 20 years and have never gotten where I wanted to be. I met Rok and worked with him for 6 months and have achieved every fitness goal I’ve ever had… He’s amazing and my body has literally been transformed. I give him all credit… He personalizes every day to your goals and changes routines constantly to keep you engaged. Absolutely recommend him to anyone no matter your goals!!”

Jenks V.
Los Gatos, CA

25379 “Love the train workout that they Provide. Mr Rashein really did help me with my goals by first do a interview and find out what I really want it and make a plan of action based on those goals.

I would really recommend that you use their service if you really are looking to get the best results and get the best out of your workout time.”

Daniel A.
San Jose, CA

25379 “The Rok is completely amazing! I wasn’t doing so well and after talking with him, my marriage is restored along with my relationship w God and people around me. He is the best!”

Julie F.
Grand Ridge, IL

25379 “I first went to Rok to help me get back in to shape after having 2 kids. That turned in to helping me rehab my hip to health coaching to giving me workouts to do from home. He is great in pushing you along and following up. I cannot imagine not having him around to kick my butt – in a good way! I highly recommend Rok if you are looking for a great lifestyle of personalized workouts to get fit and eating right.”

Jenny W.
Santa Clara, CA

25379 “Since starting with ROK I have seen a change in not only my workout routine but also in my eating habit/nutrition. He has pushed my limits and taken me out of my comfort zone (from my same old/boring routine) along with educating me in proper diet”

Jeffrey F.
Philadelphia, PA


25379 “Where do I begin?? I am what you would consider a gym rat myself, and I absolutely despise trainers ordinarily, which makes this review extraordinary within itself. I was in the Mountain View area for business, and needed a gym to workout in. My colleague recommended I call Rok Fitness. I called and spoke with Rok himself, which totally surprised me. I wasn’t expecting such personalized service. We agreed on a time to work out, and I must admit I was skeptical. I even told Rok that I don’t like trainers, and that he is going to have to prove me wrong. Lets just say he did!! That was probably the best work out I have ever had. He kicked my ass in a good way! Every muscle is sore! His knowledge of the human muscle groups is astounding. The only issue I had with him is that he isn’t located in San Diego. If you want to get in shape, and you’re serious about it…call him!! You won’t be sorry.”

Markis S.
San Diego, CA

25379 “I met Rok through my boss, and I’m happy she did. He thought me how to eat correctly and how to work out at my pace.

With Rok’s help I’ve lost 30lbs since I met him back in June.

I would seriously recommend Rok to anyone
who is seriously considering changing their lifestyle.”

Rene M.
Mountain View, CA

25379 “I have hired Rok outside of his gym and I have also worked with him at his gym. I have been on and off managing my weight all my life. Since I’ve hired Rok, he’s helped me change old habits in thinking and adopt healthy lifestyle changes. He has a mind/body/spirit approach to personal training that is unique from what I’ve experienced in the past. Rok listens to what I have to say and has a knack of knowing when to nod to what I’m saying, when to suggest another way, or challenge me beyond my comfort level. I’m stubborn when it comes to certain things and I study a lot about how to get healthy and I feel confident I can challenge my belief with Rok and together we formulate a great action plan that will stick with me the rest of my life.”

Angela B.
San Jose, CA

25379 “I have a long history of working to get to my ideal health and have made many changes to my diet and lifestyle along the way. I know that there is more to an optimal healthy lifestyle than just watching my weight but it makes me feel so victorious all the same to say my work with Rok over the past 3 months has been instrumental in my losing 24 lbs! I’m halfway to my goal and feeling strong & healthy!”

Davida B.
San Mateo, CA


25379 “I love this gym! All the trainers and staff I have met in there are friendly, knowledgeable and fun! I have been working with Rashein Lindsay for 9 months now and he is the best! If you are specific on what your goals are, he will work with you on getting your results.”

Tess R.
San Jose, CA


25379 “I’m 46 years old and have never been in shape. I’ve been a member of a gym for years but could never motivate myself to stick with a workout routine. After years of fits and starts I decided I needed a personal trainer if only to keep me honest. I signed up with RoK fitness last year and am really glad I did. I train one-on-one with Rashein – a combination of core strengthening and full body workout and it’s been great for me. After two weeks I started feeling better than I have in a decade. Every six weeks we review my progress and set new goals and – this has really kept me motivated. My only regret is that I didn’t find RoK Fitness twenty years ago. I highly recommend RoK Fitness to anyone who wants to get in shape”

Diarmuid R.
Mountain View, CA


25379 “I have worked with trainers and several different gyms and Rashein Lindsey at Rok stands out. He is able to utilize his Marine Corps training to create a challenging training environment that encourages you to try your hardest. At the same time he is personable and approachable so you still have a good time. He has a wide knowledge of exercises allowing him create many different routines so workouts do not grow boring or repetitive. I would highly recommend Rok to anyone looking to jump start their fitness level or experience new and exciting workout routines.”

Nik W.
Santa Clara, CA


25379 “I went to ROK fitness to get ready for the Marine Corps Officer Candidates School. When I first walked into ROK fitness I could run a 3 mile in 25:30, do about 4 pull ups, and maybe 30 sit-ups. I could tell that the trainers at ROK really were committed at helping me achieve my goal of making it through OCS. They walked me through a four week program and were constantly motivating me. They did not only give me a diet plan, they gave me a whole new lifestyle. By the end of the four weeks, I was running a 18:45 3 mile, doing 17 pull ups, and easily getting 100 crutches. Thanks a lot ROK!”

Wesley C.
U.S. Marine


25379  “After having two children and feeling stuck in an exercise rut, I knew that I didn’t want to struggle anymore. Since I started with Coach Rok, exercise is a part of my day that I consistently look forward to. It’s about finding a passion for fitness I never knew I had, and having the stamina to be a mom and business owner”

San Mateo, CA

25379  “It’s not very often that you can say someone specifically changed your life. I can definitely say that about Coach Rok. When I started training with him in November last year I was extremely overweight and even though I didn’t realise it at the time, extremely unhappy. Rok inspired and encouraged me every step of the way through my 40 plus weight loss journey, through him amazing training techniques and his commitment to me as a client. He taught me how to lift weights, correctly, watching my every set and every rep to make sure I was completing the exercises not only safely, but so that the muscle group I was training was being worked to its full potential. At the gym I often see Personal Trainers not paying full attention to their client or trying to train 2 or 3 people at once, with Rok you are her sole focus and he always makes sure you are doing things correctly. He ignited a passion in me that has continued to grow and grow over the past months. This was through his unique training methods, his own commitment to a healthy lifestyle, as well as her continued support both in the gym and out.

His knowledge around training and nutrition is unbeatable, I now can’t believe the foods I used to consider “healthy” and can’t explain how great it is to have that kind of knowledge shared with you!”

Mountain View, CA

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