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Coach Rok Health & Performance, motivate and support you through your health and fitness journey by customizing training and nutrition plans for you. The path starts here and we will lead the way. The journey begins today.


Enhances physical fitness and overall health and performance. Reach your goals with Coach Rok, accountability, customization, privacy, and individual guidance can get you the results you want.



My mission is to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle with a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior changes. I’ve personally helped hundreds of people to look, feel, and be their best. Work with Coach Rok to get results.


Available Anywhere, Anytime

Online health and fitness coaching is available on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac and the Web

Get Results With A Certified Personal Trainer and Board Certified Health Coach

At Coach Rok Health & Performance, I know that physical fitness is less about the number of reps you can perform, and more about how efficiently your body moves. My scientifically supported, customized personal training and health programs are designed to ensure that your body has the flexibility, stability and core strength you need for ongoing fitness and improved sports performance.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, look better, feel better, be stronger, or improve performance on the playing field, as a personal trainer, I will design an individualized fitness program to get you from where you are today to where you want to be. My programs are based on the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) training methodology, which incorporates flexibility, cardio, core, balance, power and strength.

You have one body. And chances are, you’d like to keep it moving at peak performance for a long time. We can help you do that.

Why Choose Us

Learn a variety of exercises and ways to train and set goals. Workouts are adapted to suit your needs and interests.

I work individually with you, taking the time to understand your needs and goals. After the initial assessment I will create a personalized routine that will take you to the next level of health, fitness and performance goals.

We understand that fitness is best achieved through a combination of strength training and cardio. We also recognize that exercise is only part of the equation. Rashein Rok Lindsey, is a board certified health coach, and certified sport nutritionist; he will provide health and nutritional guidance to support your progress in training.

Meet Coach Rok

Many of my clients are looking to get in better shape and lose weight, while others are athletes who want to improve their strength and flexibility so they can perform their best. Whatever your fitness goals are, I am 100% committed to working with you to achieve them and will be there every step of the way to help you break through any barriers. I specialize in all aspects of training, from muscle building and weight loss, nutrition, health and sports performance coaching that take you to the next level.


Even from 3,000 miles away, rok has been an incredible motivator and coach. from the wonderful training app to our health coach sessions, Rok is always detailing my workouts so it is tailored for me. he continues to motivate and challenge me each week. if you're looking for a personal trainer, whether on the west coast or east coast, Rok is your man! he makes it happen!

Scholastica Nguyen

Marketing Executive

Empowering a healthier you

Whatever your reason to make healthy changes in your life, Coach Rok has the years of experience, education, and understanding to help you have total success!

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Utilizing the industry leader in online personal training and health software, Coach Rok, can now help you with your health, nutrition, fitness and change your life-from anywhere on Earth!

The Program


Our programs make it easier than ever for you to access fitness and health coaching anywhere. Personal training, group training, boot camps, health coaching and subscriptions give you the variety you need at the gym or from the comfort of your home. Our training and coaching is typically done over smartphone, your location, or a combination of both. This makes it easy for you to fit advanced exercise programs and nutrition coaching into your schedule. Our online scheduling system makes registering for your session simple.

With Coach Rok, we’re all about making fitness convenient, come to our fitness center located in Mountain View, or let us come to you! With any of our mobile services, our trainers arrive prepared to take you or your group through a wide range of exercises providing a complete and full body workout. We can temporarily convert any size and type of space into a private gym or group fitness area. Our trainers arrive equipped with Fitness-in-a-Box, which includes all the tools necessary to accomplish any training objective. This box may include: TRX suspension trainer, adjustable dumbbells, ultimate sandbag, adjustable kettlebells, medicine Balls, BOSU Balance Trainer, Yoga Mats, resistance Bands and more. We also provide services via online training and coaching, which is perfect for individuals who travel for work, or with the tightest time constraints who want to exercise with a live personal trainer and health coach. Your coach can connect with you remotely and immediately begin your custom workout. Minimal equipment is necessary to start, and we will make accessory recommendations based on your goals and current fitness status.

Group training is an excellent program if you enjoy the atmosphere of exercising in a group setting. If you live with or near a friend or family member who wants to train with you, we offer combined packages and can bring the workout to you! We also have an online variation to this program via smartphone or tablet, giving you the benefit of never having to leave your home and train with your group over a distance. Have a partner who lives in another city or state? Pick a time that works for the both of you and train together. Minimal equipment is necessary to start, and we will make accessory recommendations based on your goals and current fitness status.

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Similar to online personal training, but in a classroom or private setting. Get coaching with other members who have similar goals, or have a one-on-one private coaching session with a board certified health coach while never leaving your home. We use a combination of easy to access, specific downloadable app from the Apple or Android store. There is no high level of monetary investment to get started immediately.

Want to take advantage of our software while having us deliver your nutrition plan and exercise program straight to your smart device or computer? Sign up for our subscription service and your trainer will design a custom program for and meet with you once a month for a body composition analysis and discuss any changes that need to be implemented to help you achieve your goals.

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Programs, packages and more. More than a personal training website, it’s a platform to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We deliver health coaching materials online while staying easily in touch with your coach via email, text, Skype, and Facebook support group.

Since starting with ROK I have seen a change in not only my workout routine but also in my eating habit/nutrition. He has pushed my limits and taken me out of my comfort zone (from my same old/boring routine) along with educating me in proper diet

Jeffrey Frazer

The Online Program


Our unique system is based utilizing the latest technology and its application to what matters most in your health and fitness venture: customization, variety, accountability. We constantly change your workouts when things become cognitive, so you avoid any plateau or regression. We achieve this by building custom workouts, as there is no one-size-fits all approach, while letting you decide what sections of healthy living you need help with and what technology you want us to integrate into your workout based on your needs. Schedule a demo and see what we can do for you!



Access your program on our log in section from any computer



Own an Iphone or Ipad? Get our app when you sign up and access it anywhere



Our services can be accessed on any Android device as well



Track your progress with before and after pictures built into our program



Customized routines with videos and detailed written instructions that you can access from anywhere via the internet



Progression charts with detailed analysis



Custom meal planning to meet your specific needs



Easy to follow with exercise programs on your own personal calendar



It’s not very often that you can say someone specifically changed your life. I can definitely say that about Coach Rok. When I started training with him in November last year I was extremely overweight and even though I didn’t realise it at the time, extremely unhappy. Rok inspired and encouraged me every step of the way through my 40 plus weight loss journey, through him amazing training techniques and his commitment to me as a client. He taught me how to lift weights, correctly, watching my every set and every rep to make sure I was completing the exercises not only safely, but so that the muscle group I was training was being worked to its full potential. At the gym I often see Personal Trainers not paying full attention to their client or trying to train 2 or 3 people at once, with Rok you are her sole focus and he always makes sure you are doing things correctly. He ignited a passion in me that has continued to grow and grow over the past months. This was through his unique training methods, his own commitment to a healthy lifestyle, as well as her continued support both in the gym and out.

His knowledge around training and nutrition is unbeatable, I now can’t believe the foods I used to consider “healthy” and can’t explain how great it is to have that kind of knowledge shared with you!


Learn more. Call or email me to schedule a free, no-obligation initial consultation.

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